Wednesday, December 28, 2011

family time

 Today we met Stephen's aunt, uncles, cousin and grandpa for breakfast and bowling.

                                    Cousin Lily                                     Grandpa Wayne

Cousins and Uncle Matthew
Aunt Raena
Stephen, Lily and Uncle Andrew
Grandpa Wayne and Henri

Uncle Andrew and Lily
Can't wait to try this                            

We have a few days left on our Magic Mountain passes. We went with Vinnie and his friend for a few hours today.

Brotherly love.....

just for fun..........

Mike bought me a new camera for Christmas. I LOVE it. I'm having fun experimenting with the different settings. I took this when we were leaving Magic Mountain tonight.....

Sigh....I am now caught up. :)


Christmas 2011

I am so behind. Christmas has come and gone. We had a great holiday season. This year we wanted to show the kids that the Christmas season isn't all about gifts under the tree. We went Christmas caroling at the convalescent home. It was great seeing the joy on the faces of the elderly. Stephen and I delivered cookies to neighbors. We donated blankets and water to a homeless shelter. I'm not sure if the impact of what we did will have an immediate effect on our kids. Hopefully, they will look back on it someday and realize the true meaning of Christmas. Stephen enjoyed the antics of Clyde the elf. Everyday was something new. 

He drew faces on pictures...

                                                          Made a zipline...

  injured himself (on the zipline)....
                                                        was a rebel......

                                                         missing the North Pole....

                                                        brushed his teeth and tagged the mirror.....
                                                        replaced family photos with his own....
Christmas morning

We look forward to Clyde's return next year. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Clyde has been busy entertaining our household.

He had game night with some friends:

He decorated Stephen's doorway:

Helped himself to breakfast:

I think some of the other toys might be jealous of the attention Clyde has been receiving. This is what we found this morning:

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Ha Ha. I guess Clyde felt bad for downloading that song on the Ipod.