Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunday Adventure

I wanted to take Stephen apple picking as a fall activity. I found a place in the far off land of Bakersfield. Stephen, Vinnie and I had quite the adventure. Our first stop was Murray's Family Farms in Bakersfield. Great place. Unfortunately, we missed apple picking by one day. We had lunch in the restaurant that is part of the farm. I guess I really am a city girl. Ever heard of fry pies? Me neither. But let me tell you, they were YUMMY. We enjoyed apple and cherry fry pies (apple of course for Stephen). We also had a fry pie with bbq chicken and another with country fried steak and mashed potatoes. Definitely not diet friendly. 

                                                           Enjoying his apple fry pie

Brothers goofing around:

I decided we needed an adventure, so with the magic of the Internet and a smart phone, Vinnie was able to locate a muffler man (check out, or in the middle of nowhere. So now we were on a mission to locate a giant Indian off highway 178. I had never heard of muffler man before, amazing the knowledge that can be obtained through modern technology. So after a few wrong turns and traveling the wrong direction on the freeway (even with gps I am directionally challenged), we found the giant Indian on a back road next to the Old Corral Cafe. 

   The Indian's story

And that is how we spent our Sunday. I'm glad my boys still enjoy hanging out with their crazy mother.