Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying to be healthy

I have struggled for years with my weight. And now as I approach the big 50 ( in 18 months) I am finding it extremely difficult to lose those nasty extra pounds. Instead of focusing on weight loss, I am focusing on being healthier. I cook healthier meals, healthier sweets and walk A LOT!! I love where we live. There are so many options for walking/hiking. Last Spring my oldest son and I hiked a 6 mile trail at least once a week. We have yet to do it this year-hopefully soon. The view is breathtaking on a clear day:
And there is the occasional goofing around:
Vinnie Towsley
Lately, I have been taking my faithful companion (Max) on walks on a paved trail close to our house. We walk 3-4 miles and  are exhausted (in a good way) by the time we get back to the car.  Here is Max patiently waiting to leave for our walk:
Max waiting
Today Vinnie joined us. Max was in Heaven having someone who can actually run with him. I want to run or jog, unfortunately, my body doesn't always cooperate with that desire. I get painful shin splints. I have been using a brace that past few days and it is helping. Don't know that I will be ready for a marathon anytime soon but it is an improvement.  Anyway, on our way back to the car today we say a crane (kind of weird to see it right across from a Pavilions):

Not the greatest picture, I was trying to be quick before Max scared it away.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day


Now that Stephen is in middle school, we no longer do the class Valentine Day's cards :( I decided I would make something special for a few special kids. I found these great kraft paper french fry boxes from Pick Your Plum. I had so much fun decorating these with washi tape and twine.

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I also made red velvet cookies. Recipe here

blog 5  feb 13

I love making the holidays fun, even if it is something simple. Besides, it gives me an excuse to bake ;)

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Honor Society

DSC00624Tonight was the Induction Ceremony for the Honor Society at Stephen's school. The transition to Middle School can often be challenging. Stephen was only in our local elementary school for one year. It was amazing how quickly he made friends from the beginning and those friendships (with the exception of a few) continue. I truly believe that the environment of a school makes a world of difference in a child's education. Granted, it is not the only factor, but I believe it has serious impact. Our hope is that these friendships partnered with a good school and positive influences will result in continued success for Stephen. The Honor Society expects outstanding performance in scholastics, service, leadership, character and citizenship. It is encouraging to see approximately 400 kids in one school qualify for this honor. I am proud of our community, our schools, our kids. I am especially proud of this boy: