Thursday, May 24, 2012


I love our neighborhood. Some of the moms and a few of the dads in the neighborhood have been taking early morning walks (5:30). I decided to join them last week. It feels good to get moving again; I've been reluctant to take my hikes because of snakes. I think it helps when there is a group working together for a common goal, we all want to be healthier. Let's be honest, I am not a morning person and do not like being up when it is still dark outside. However, these ladies are very motivating and it's hard to sleep in when you know someone is waiting for you. Besides, I enjoy their company. OK, enough complaining. I am feeling better, sleeping better and I have more energy. It's worth it.

crazy busy

I can't believe how long it has been since I've updated this. We have been busy with school ( me and Stephen). We are in the final stretch, one week to go. Stephen has been amazing this past year. He has excelled beyond our expectations. He has had numerous speeches this year-it is definitely not one of his favorite things to do. The last speech for the school year was on water pollution. He received a 4 (the best grade you can receive). I know these aren't the greatest pictures, but I still wanted to share ( and brag).

 His school has an accelerated reading program. The kids take a test and receive points for the books they read. Stephen missed the first 2 weeks at the new and as a result he did not start participating until after fall break. Stephen received a certificate and participated in a pizza party for being on of the top 20 in the AR program. Wow!! He is ending the school year with 97.5 points.

 After 2 years, I am almost done with the classes I need for my Accounting Technician Certificate. This semester has been very challenging. I  have learned so much and am grateful that I've had this opportunity to be an older student. I am taking the last 2 classes I need over the summer. They are online classes and other than a lot of reading, it should be fairly easy.
I am slowly taking the necessary steps to establish my bookkeeping company and hope to devote more time on this venture over the summer. Wish me luck.

Stephen, Vinnie and I went to Magic Mountain recently. It's been months and we needed a roller coaster fix. One of our new favorites is Scream. Stephen has wanted to ride X2 since last summer. We finally had a window of opportunity on this past visit. Stephen changed his mind once he got an up close view. Vinnie and I rode it. I must say, it was SCARY and fun at the same time. Definitely, not something Stephen is ready for. I am glad he decided to sit that one out.

The month of May begins the onslaught of birthdays until August.
My munchkin turns 11 on Monday.  Puberty is right around the corner (God give us strength-lol) and soon I won't  be able to call him munchkin. He starts middle school in August. Hard to believe my baby is growing up so quickly. We are very proud of him. He is smart, funny, and has an incredible sense for what is right and what is wrong.

Here is a picture of Stephen when he was 16 months old:

and here he is today: