Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Long over due


It's been a long time since I've actually carved out the time for this little blog of mine. Life has been crazy. I am working multiple part-time jobs while still searching for a full time position. We are in a season of change. BIG changes. Life changes. Change is scary, fear of the unknown. We have been in a storm for quite some time. A relationship that I had hoped would be for the rest of my lifetime has ended. Change. It's sad, painful. However, I know it is for the best for all parties involved. It's been a whirlwind that past few weeks-I had a perfect plan in place. Guess what? God had other plans. Sometimes it's hard to get past those doors that are slammed in your face when you are treading water and feel like your life boat is sinking. I'm a worrier. Even though I know that God has my back, I still worry. Change, uncertainty, its hard for us to let go and let God. Through it all, God has been there.The past few weeks have been extremely stressful, more than they needed to be, prayers were answered-in God's time,not mine. If I had just stopped and truly listened, I would have heard that everything will be o.k. So for those of you who are believers and going through difficult times, stop and listen. He knows what you need, don't resist, embrace the change. While it may be difficult for awhile, good things lie ahead. Hold on to hope. Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Saying goodbye to summer

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Stephen is an 8th grader this year. Each summer I try to spend as much time with Stephen as possible. I know that there will soon come a day when he will be off with his friends. So for now, we create memories. One of Stephen's best friends moved to Texas last week. We spent the summer doing as many fun things as we could with this special young man. We went to Hurricane Harbor, Stephen and his friends spent countless hours jumping at Sky High, and of course there were a few beach trips. One of the best days was taking 3 boys to Carpinteria Beach for pizza, candy and beach fun. It was one of those days that years from now I will look back on and smile. Watching three 13 year old boys play bean boozled on the beach was hysterical. Not familiar with bean boozled? Check out some of the flavors of these jelly beans:
bean boozled
Watching them as they ate the disgusting flavors, was priceless.
I hope the memories we created that day stay with them. Stephen's friend moved a few days later, and while the moms were teary eyed, the boys soaked up their time together knowing that thanks to modern technology, their friend would never be far away.
Let the school year begin!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Today is just another ordinary day. Only it's not really. Today is my 50th birthday-half a century. When did that happen??? Sure, physically I feel slightly different, my knees sometimes will hurt as I walk up stairs and then there is the age spots that I have noticed on my arms (I'm sure this is the result of all those years ago of tanning in our backyard as a teenager using baby oil instead of sunscreen). There are times in life when we look back on the road traveled, today is one of those times for me. There has been sorrow, joy, life changing events and many precious memories along the way. Broken relationships, loved ones gone too soon, financial struggles, raising my boys with the hope that they become honorable men, and finally finding the one man who can deal with my imperfections. If I could go back and change anything, would I? I don't think so. The road has led me to where I am today, the person I am today. I like who am I now. 10-15 years ago that was not the case. I will embrace getting older, every gray hair and every wrinkle.  I've earned them! I will age gracefully and continue down the path that God has laid out for me to travel on. Where it leads? I don't know, but with faith and determination I will keep moving ahead.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Mystery Solved

So it has been MONTHS since I have posted to this little blog of mine. Life has gotten extremely chaotic. Last August, I enrolled in an Algebra class and less than a month later I got a part-time job. Taking a math is class is like a full time job for me. Add in the craziness of the holidays and I'm not sure how I survived. I didn't do very well in my class and unfortunately, at some point I will need to take it again. This semester I am taking an English class and an advanced Excel course. Both classes are online which makes it a little easier to manage. Some of you may recall that my long term goal is to have my own bookkeeping business. Everything is in place; however, I need the hands on experience. God answered that prayer and I am fortunate to be working with a long time friend in her business. The experience I am gaining is invaluable and exactly what I needed. Two classes, two part-time jobs, endless laundry and raising an almost teenager. That pretty much sums up my life right now :) Oh and Mike has been working graveyard. This particular season in life has created many changes in our little family. Adapting to new work schedules (mine and Mike's) has been the most challenging. I am looking forward to spring break in a few weeks. I am grateful that my scheduled days off coincide with Stephen's. I am looking to spending some one on one time with my boy.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday Projects


I have a few weeks before school starts for Stephen and I. I decided now would be a good time to tackle some organizational projects and craft projects. Mike continues to work on his music room. I wanted to make a few personalized décor items.

I found this L at my new favorite craft store-Beverly's and musical note wrapping paper from Home Goods.

DSC00799[1]                                  DSC00800[1]


I used the L to cut  the wrapping paper, painted the L black and used lots of Mod Podge. Here is the final result:



I love how it came out. The next thing I did was easy peasy. I had an unfinished frame from Ikea, painted it black, added some musical note washi tape and musical stickers I found at Target.DSC00805[1]

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer 2013-pt.1

This summer has gone by way to quickly. Since I've been off of work, I always try to find as many fun things as possible to do with Stephen. That has not been the case this year. I had jury duty for 2 weeks in June and then Stephen injured himself at the local indoor trampoline park. In spite of being injured, the trampoline park has become a favorite hang out for Stephen and his friends. It's a great place for 12 year old boys to burn off energy and get away from the computer/video games. Stephen has spent a good portion of the summer sleeping. I swear he has grown at least 2 inches and is now slightly taller than I am. School starts in 2 weeks and I am trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible while we have time. Last week, we went to the aquarium, the beach, Ostrichland and my step-mom's family reunion. I drove 600 miles in 3 days.
DSC00738    DSC00735





Friday, June 28, 2013

My rant on bullying


Bullying is a huge social issue right now. I know that as I parent I have been faced with this issue numerous times. My oldest son suffered from bullying on many occasions when he was younger. 15 years ago I do not think we were as aware of bullying and the impact on our children as we are today. I cannot go back and change what my oldest son went through, I did the best I could. However, we live in a different environment today. One that is aware of how bullying can affect our children. My youngest son has had many situations with bullying. It can be a very frustrating situation when you are dealing with schools, protocols, and parents. Our first occurrence was a when my son was 9. Fourth grade was our worst year ever! It was a constant battle with the school, numerous visits with the principal and finally a formal complaint to the district office. It took the entire school year to resolve the situation. The following school year my son was enrolled in a different school, different district. We managed to get through 5th grade in a new school without any problems. I had hoped that the transition to middle school would be easy. There have been challenges and just when I think one issue is resolved another one pops up. Why do kids have to be so MEAN?!! Is it because kids are facing difficult home lives, their own insecurities, or any number of things that our children face today, that causes them to lash out at their peers? Being bullied is something we need to talk to our kids about. Bullying isn't just face to face anymore, it's also over the internet-video games, computer games, Skype, Facebook, etc. As parents, I think we need to always keep the lines of communication open. I know that becomes more difficult as they become teenagers. I'm a nosy parent. I want to know who my son is with, who he is talking to, playing online with. I am fortunate that my son talks to me. I may not know all of the details, but I do know when something is not quite right and he will come to me when things are beyond what he can deal with. He has to learn how to deal with difficult people and I continue to guide him along the way. Fortunately, he has a great group of friends that he can confide in. I will always be the nosy parent no matter how much my son may dislike it. However, I will let him handle these situations, learn and grow from them, and only take it to a higher level if necessary. Have you dealt with similar situations? If so, what was your approach in dealing with them? Curious to know if I'm on the right track.