Saturday, November 12, 2011

end of the week

Every year I worry about having enough time to get everything done in preparation for Christmas and always feel like we run out of time to truly enjoy the magic of the season. This year my classes don't end until December 7. I decided this year was going to be different. So in between homework, house stuff, Stephen stuff and everything in between, this is what I have been doing in my spare time:


Saturday Mike had a coworker over to practice Christmas songs for their Christmas luncheon. I always enjoy listening to Mike on the piano. However, adding the clarinet was a new listening experience that I truly enjoyed. While Mike was jamming, Stephen and I checked out the Christmas tree that is headed for our Nation's capital. Stephen wrote Christmas wishes on the trailer. 

Some of the things we are thankful this week:

Neighbors (we have the best)
Dental Insurance 

Have a great week!!


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