Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spring Break Roundup


Last week was Spring break for Stephen. My goal was to keep him busy as much as possible and away from the TV/computer and video games. I think I succeeded. Monday we met Stephen's Grandma and cousin for brunch and bowling. Wednesday Stephen spent the day/night with his brother. They spent the day cleaning out a storage unit (Stephen needed a few hours of service time for the Honor Society), playing disc golf and hanging out. I'm glad that my boys can still find a common ground even with the 13 year age difference. Mike and I took advantage of the kid free night and went to dinner. It's something we have not been able to do very often and we both miss having that one on one time together.  We spent Thursday at Magic Mountain. Now I love my roller coasters BUT there is one that has intimidated me for quite some time-Goliath. This ride has a 61 foot vertical drop. My goal 2 years ago was to start experiencing some of the more 'thrill rides' that Magic Mountain has to offer. Up until last week there were only 2 rides left to try-Goliath and Lex Luther.  Lex Luther was closed so that left Goliath. I have to tell you that I kept my eyes closed during most of the ride. I was scared-even with my eyes closed. Will I ride it again? Maybe. It's not going to be one of those rides that I want to ride each time we visit the park. Stephen's history class is studying ancient Greece. So Friday we ventured to the Getty Villa in Malibu. The museum is beautiful and very interesting. If you haven't visited the Getty, I definitely recommend it. Both locations are full of wonderful masterpieces of art and beautiful gardens. Saturday we met Stephen's dad for a round of mini golf and Sunday was a rest day. Unfortunately, the only picture I was able to capture was one from the Getty-Stephen is getting tired of me snapping pics every time we go somewhere.


                                      Doesn't he look thrilled Winking smile

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