Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Magical time of the year-part 1

Oh brother! Did I really miss another month of posting. November flew by. My great idea of doing a thankful thing each day fizzled out. We finally just decided that if something came up we would put it in the bowl. Stephen was sick for a few weeks (which has now passed on to mom), so he wasn't feeling thankful for much. I understand-it's hard to think about being thankful when all you are doing is coughing. Great time of year to be sick (sarcasm). Thanksgiving was spent with my Dad and my 2nd mom. This is our annual tradition. There is always so much yummy food. Thanksgiving is also the kick off for our decorating. Inside and out. Mike spends days setting up outside. We have been in our home for almost 5 years. This is our 4th Christmas and each year we like to add something new outside. Mike had a great idea for adding a border around our yard. This was inspired by something similar done by our neighbor last year. A lot of pvc pipe, duct tape and C7 lights and this is what we have:

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