Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Honor Society

DSC00624Tonight was the Induction Ceremony for the Honor Society at Stephen's school. The transition to Middle School can often be challenging. Stephen was only in our local elementary school for one year. It was amazing how quickly he made friends from the beginning and those friendships (with the exception of a few) continue. I truly believe that the environment of a school makes a world of difference in a child's education. Granted, it is not the only factor, but I believe it has serious impact. Our hope is that these friendships partnered with a good school and positive influences will result in continued success for Stephen. The Honor Society expects outstanding performance in scholastics, service, leadership, character and citizenship. It is encouraging to see approximately 400 kids in one school qualify for this honor. I am proud of our community, our schools, our kids. I am especially proud of this boy:



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