Thursday, March 7, 2013

Creating Subway Art

I love Subway Art. I would put it everywhere in our house but I think Mike would object. He subscribes to the less is more philosophy. We have been in our house for 5 years and there are still bare walls. I decided it was time to tackle these areas one at a time. First was Stephen's bathroom. Now Stephen could care less if there is anything on the walls, but it is also the bathroom that is used when we have overnight guests. I made these using vintage looking scrapbook paper, canvas and Mod Podge. I'm not in love with them, but it is an improvement.
    DSC00655                           DSC00656
The next thing I wanted to do was put some sort of motivational subway art in our bathroom where we can see it every day as a reminder. I spent hours on Pinterest searching for something and nothing felt right. So, I decided to use Google and find out how to make my own. I used Google Docs which was definitely easier that trying to create it through Word. I LOVE this and am quite pleased with myself for how it turned out. I can't wait to frame it and hang it in our bathroom.
Subway Art
And guess what? Now that I know how to do this, the possibilities are endless. ;)

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