Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up (2012)

Wow! I can't believe Stephen goes back to school on Monday as a middle schooler. The summer days flew by. Here's a recap of some of the fun things we did:

Beach Days

Mitzi took us to this great beach in Carpenteria.


 Stephen, Vinnie and I spent the day in Santa Barbara to escape the 105+ degree heat
Boogie Board injury
             Vinnie is digging a hole to bury Stephen in

 Fun in the water:

                                                                           Being Silly


Spent lots of time with friends:

Swimming with Alex


These 2 are hilarious when they are together.

We saw the weinermobile on our way to bowling-had to stop for a picture

We saw Ice Age 3, Spiderman, and Batman.
 Stephen spent a week with Grandma Kempe for VBS. Poor guy, still gets homesick. The biggest change for Stephen this summer..................................

Stephen was excited to get braces. Weird, right? In another month, the bottom will be done and in 2 years he will have an awesome smile :)

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